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Friday Fun – Decrease Stress with Laughter

January 20, 2017
Few people would argue that things seem a little heavy right now. Politics, hearings for a new Dept. of Ed Director, the FAFSA deadline change, dealing withe the craziness of the new semester, trying to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. . .... Read More »

Your Two-Minute Guide to Calling the Nelnet School Service Center

January 18, 2017
When a student reaches out to you with questions about a Nelnet-serviced loan, who should you call? Ghostbusters? Nope. Fictional and underqualified. Nelnet’s School Service Center is always ready to provide the answers you seek. Our School Service Center (SSC) is designed to quickly handle the... Read More »

Ask a Fed: GE, Modules, State Authorization, and More

December 21, 2016
Federal Training Officer David Bartnicki recently provided these updates: Student Transfers from Closed Schools We continue to receive lots of questions from schools accepting students who have transferred from a closed school especially around the topic of closed school loan discharges. ED recently... Read More »

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