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Latest from FSA: Updated FSA Coach Course Available

March 14, 2018
FSA recently announced that they have updated the FSA Coach Intermediate Training course for the 2017-18 award year, and it is now available on the Federal Student Aid E-Training website. The Intermediate Training course complements the Basic Training course and offers a self-paced, interactive training opportunity... Read More »

Latest from FSA: Upcoming Webinar on FISAP in the COD System

February 26, 2018
FSA recently announced an upcoming webinar that will provide information on the upcoming transition of business process for the Campus-Based programs to the COD System. Intended for financial aid administrators who have operational responsibility for Campus-Based processing, this webinar will explain why this... Read More »

Latest from FSA: Webinar on Correcting Reported GE Data in NSLDS

February 13, 2018
FSA recently announced an upcoming webinar that will provide information about the reporting process for Gainful Employment (GE) programs in the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). This webinar will cover topics including how institutions report GE program data using NSLDS and how... Read More »

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