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Latest from FSA: 5 Questions to Ask Before Postponing Federal Student Loan Payments

June 19, 2017
FSA recently posted a blog with helpful tips for anyone considering postponing their federal student loan payments. The blog post, found at HOMEROOM, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education, offers five questions that borrowers should ask themselves before deciding to... Read More »

New FSA Quick Takes Videos

June 19, 2017
FSA E-Training has two new Quick Takes Videos: Basics of Academic Calendars Overpayments Each video lasts less than 10 minutes, meaning you may spend more time waiting for a cup of coffee than you need to learn valuable information from FSA. Fit them in... Read More »

Latest from FSA: Fundamentals of FSA Administration Training Workshops

June 5, 2017
FSA recently announced details for its upcoming Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration training workshops. Each instructor-led, in-person workshop will last 4 1/2 days and will be conducted at on of the Department of Education’s regional training facilities. As noted in the announcement,... Read More »

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