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Latest from FSA: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Postponing Your Federal Student Loan Payments

December 8, 2016
FSA recently tweeted out a link to a blog post at HomeRoom, the official blog of the Department of Education. The post offers students advice on questions they should consider prior to postponing their federal student loan payments. The five questions the blog... Read More »

Building the Leaders of Tomorrow

December 7, 2016
At Nelnet, we believe in our youth as the future of America. That’s why we are so invested in their success and education. From involvement with TeamMates to participating in Junior Achievement events, mentoring the future leaders of tomorrow is a key component... Read More »

Ask a Fed: Verification, Early FAFSA, Program Eligibility, and More

November 22, 2016
Federal Training Officer David Bartnicki recently provided these updates: Early FAFSA/Prior, Prior Year I have gotten lots of questions from schools regarding their inability to view 17/18 ISIRs due to system upgrades/issues. ED recently posted an electronic announcement on 11/18/16 that addresses these... Read More »

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