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Latest from FSA: Upcoming FSA ID Enhancements

April 20, 2017
FSA recently announced a variety of enhancements to the FSA ID experience, which will be implemented based on feedback from users and financial aid professionals. These changes will allow more effective account management, strengthened security, and updated training resources. These enhancements, which will... Read More »

Latest from FSA: FSA Posts Updated Reports to FSA Data Center

April 17, 2017
In March, FSA posted several updates to the FSA Data Center, refreshing quarterly application, disbursement, and portfolio reports to include data through year-end 2016. FSA’s updates included several key findings in areas that include: Application Volume and Aid Disbursements Shifts in the Outstanding... Read More »

Reminder: Protect PII when Submitting Documents to the Nelnet School Service Center

April 11, 2017
Recently, Nelnet’s School Service Center has encountered an increase in the number of schools and third parties submitting documents without proper protection of personally identifiable information (PII). We would like to take this opportunity to remind all schools and third parties that PII... Read More »

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